Thanksgiving Dinner Donation

Dear Members and Friends,

Once again we are sharing our gratitude by providing a Thanksgiving dinner for a family in our area in need.

The agency we use to get the information has asked us to do one large family rather than several small ones, and we agreed. I spoke with the mother and she was so grateful! She and her husband have “been blessed” with 11 children!

Please feel free to leave any traditional dinner donations in the Sunday School, and checks and cash can be given directly to me or placed in the donation box. I will be collecting all donations next Sunday, November 20, so I can shop and deliver the food early in the week.

Things you can donate:

  • Canned goods, vegetables, gravy
  • Non perishable/low perishables: potatoes, rice, onions, apples, oranges
  • Paper goods: paper towels, napkins, etc.
  • And of course cash or check so I can even out the donations and buy a turkey AND a ham!

“The instinctive gratitude which not only impels the Christian to turn in loving thankfulness to his heavenly Father, but induces him to glory in every good deed and thought on the part of every man — this would be scant indeed if it did not continually move us to utter our gratitude to you and declare the depth of our affection and esteem.”

My. 9:7-11 
Mary Baker Eddy

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